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Big Girls on Fleek Paperback

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Nikki, Danielle, and Tonya are three big, beautiful, black women on a quest to find true love and happiness.

Nikki is an aspiring salon owner, who is known as the baddest hair dresser in the city. She has a good man named Troy who wants her to be the mother of his children, but Nikki ain't trying to mess up her figure for anyone, anytime soon. But that may all change when Troy puts a fat ring on her finger and asks her to be his wife.

Then, there's Danielle. Danielle is a big woman who loves men---so much so that she works as a stripper just so she can be around them all the time. Danielle has a man in her life as well, but nobody would actually consider him to be anything serious. Tyrone has a woman that he has been with for years, but can't seem to stay away from Danielle's bed.

Finally, there is Tonya. Tonya wants a relationship, but she is not willing to settle for just any old man. She wants the man of her dreams. Tonya is a nurse assistant and loves the fact that she can spoil herself with the money she makes. Together, these three plus sized friends love to paint the town BBW. And as they do, they will unravel their fair share of love, lust and lies.